Decorating your tables for a wedding, shower, graduation, or birthday is one of the most exciting parts of event planning. Your event tables say as much about you as it does about the event itself. Show off your true colors and use our helpful tips to build your own aesthetic using 11:11 Event Rentals.

Set Your Budget

Aside from tableware, decorating a wedding or event table does not have to be a big expensive job. The mistake most people make is they buy the materials themselves, only using them once and either throwing them out or attempting to sell them for pennies on the dollar.

Our tableware and decor items are priced affordably to save you money and still allow you to create your dream aesthetic. Keep in mind that you will need to budget for these basic essentials:

  • Plates: Dinner plates are standard, but you may also include salad plates, soup bowls, ramekins, and other assorted plates. 
  • Drinking cups: Our assorted, colorful goblets keep things classy while also adding a fun pop of color. Of course, you may find it necessary to rent out drinking glasses, champagne flutes, tea cups, or more, depending on your event. 
  • Silverware: Having real, weighted flatware, whether it’s plain stainless steel, chateau, or shell, may not seem like a big deal, but people will notice if they’re trying to cut into meat with a cheap knife. 
  • Centerpieces: These really make your tables stand out more than anything. Timeless classics like candles, candelabras, and vases provide that elegance and sophistication you desire. 
  • Flowers: Any event can benefit from flowers and they are basically essential at weddings. Thankfully, we have helpful tips below!

Once you have a budget in mind, you can decide on areas where you can save money via your rental company, any purchases you make, or even DIY-ing a few items. 

Set Your Theme

Most events have a theme, whether you’re hosting a boho beach wedding or a small and intimate backyard party. The theme of the event will dictate what centerpieces and tablescapes you use to decorate and your subsequent color scheme. 

Choose Your Colors

Now comes the fun part…colors! You’ll most likely start with linens, but here is where you can really set your party apart.

For those with traditional tastes, white linens, clear glasses, mossy vines, and clear vases filled with dark or pastel-colored flowers make for an easy and ideal setup. However, for the eclectic designer, pairing colorful glasses, vases, and mason jars with dark woods and brass fixtures, such as candelabras, transforms a traditional party into something unique. 

Deciding on Flowers

While many people are quick to budget on items, such as flatware or centerpieces, flowers are one area where you can save money without noticeable effects. We do recommend working with a qualified florist who can see your vision through, but there are areas where you can save money. 

Fake vines made with moss or eucalyptus offer the same effect as a classy table runner. Many brides also tend to DIY their flower arrangements for centerpieces, using flowers from their own gardens, their local florist, or even the grocery store to create a stunning visual. 

Style with Personal Effects

Custom table number cards, pictures of the bride and groom, and even holiday-themed details, such as pumpkins, add a whole other layer of customization to any table decor. 

Work with us to come up with a vision for your decor and tables and we will help you achieve your vision with our affordable rentals and any tips we can provide!