How to Choose the Right Tent Size

Trying to decide on what the right size tent is for your event? While many tents may promise to fit a certain number of people, there are a lot of factors that go into finding the right size tent. The last thing anyone wants to do is rent a tent that is too small or crowded for their event.

Below is a simple formula designed to help you find the right tent size.

Event Type and Seating Arrangements

The first thing you’ll need to figure out is your seating arrangement. Depending on what type of event you are throwing, your seating arrangement will determine how much square feet you require per person and what tent size you’ll require.

Standing/Cocktail Party (3 ft. per person)
    • 25 Guests: 10x10
    • 50 Guests: 10x15
    • 75-100 Guests: 10x30
    • 150-200 Guests: 20x30
Theater/Cathedral Seating (6 ft. per person)
    • 25 Guests: 10x15
    • 50 Guests: 10x30
    • 75-100 Guests: 20x30
    • 150-200 Guests: 20x60 or 30x40
Buffet Seating (8 ft. per person)
    • 25 Guests: 10x20
    • 50 Guests: 20x20
    • 75-100 Guests: 20x40
    • 150-200 Guests: 20x80 or 40x40
Sit-down Dinner (10 ft. for rectangular seating, 12 ft. for round)
    • 25 Guests: 10x30
    • 50 Guests: 20x30
    • 75-100 Guests: 30x40
    • 150-200 Guests: 20x120 or 40x60

Multiplying by Guest Count

Once you have your seating arrangement finalized, you’ll need to multiply the numbers above by the amount of guests you expect. For example, an outdoor wedding with 100 guests seated at round tables would require about 1200 square feet, just for dining (100 guests x 12 Feet per Guest).

Adding Up Extras and Amenities

Of course, this calculation does not factor in other amenities that may require space under a tent, such as food tables, dance floors, or even the sweetheart table, which might be separate from other guests.

Some factors you will need to consider include:
  • Vendor tables
  • Sweetheart tables
  • Gift welcome tables
  • Dance floor
  • Room to mingle
  • Lounge Areas
  • Yard Games

Some amenities, such as having corn hole boards at your wedding, doesn’t necessarily require tent covering, especially if you luck out on weather. However, the ideal tent size will be one that covers every inch of your event without having to risk the outdoors.

Now that you have a good understanding of how big of a tent you need for your event, you can start planning. Many of our tent options, such as our marquee tents, can be equipped with gutters and sidewalls to extend their length to cover any event.

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